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1991 First Update: April 22, 1991

Yes, the 1991 APBA baseball season is underway. I've not forgotten it. However, it's been a much slower process this time around, what with changes in my personal life. I began rolling this season on Aug. 16. A week later, I made a phone call to a girl that changed things in my world. Since then, I've been to visit her twice; the games have been placed on hold for at least 12 days during those trips. And, I'm dealing with strep throat now, so I haven't felt much like rolling the games lately, either.

That said, I still find a bit of time to roll a few games and now, four months later, I've reached April 22, 1991.

I mainly embarked on 1991 to replay the Minnesota Twins' World Series year. Also, after more than three years of replays (1942 and 1950) with no East or West divisions, it's a nice change to return to divisional play.

So, with only a few weeks of the actual season replayed, it's hard to get a feel for much. Montreal is really bad so far. They've found ways to lose each of their 13 games. Only 4 were by one run and none was in extra innings. In each replay I've done, I've found one team that defies statistics and either achieves well above expectations or simply plays below them. It looks like the Expos are the doomed team in this replay. Their next six games are against Pittsburgh and St. Louis, which are first and second now in the National League East. They still are a ways from beating the worst start in a baseball season. The 1988 Baltimore Orioles opened their season losing their first 21 games.

Here are the standings as of April 21, 1991

EAST      W   L    GB
Toronto     8    5    -
Boston       6    5     1
Detroit       5   6      2
Milwaukee 5   7    2.5
Baltimore   4   6    2.5
New York   4   7    3
Cleveland   3   7    3.5

WEST       W   L   GB
Minnesota    9   3      -
Kansas City 8   3     .5
Seattle         8   4     1
Texas          6    3    1.5
Chicago      5    5     3
California   5    8    4.5
Oakland      3   10   6.5

EAST          W    L    GB
Pittsburgh    10    3      -
St. Louis       9    4     1
New York     8    5     2
Phil'phia       7    6     3
Chicago        5    8     5
Montreal       0   13  10

WEST        W    L   GB
Atlanta        7     3     -
Los Angeles  7   5    1
Cincinnati     6   5    1.5
Houston        6    6    2
San Diego     5    8   3.5
S.Francisco   4    8    4

It's still early to get a feel for the leaders as well. Danny Tartabull of the Kansas City Royals and Kelly Gruber of Toronto lead the American League with five home runs apiece. Howard Johnson, who led the New York Mets in the actual 1991 season, has clubbed eight home runs so far and leads in this replay as well.

So, the progress may be slow this time, but the games will be played eventually.  

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