Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Week: Sept 12-18, 1950

Last week was quite the week! There's been excitement, surprises, cheers, anger and flag waving. There's been second-guessing, arguments, close calls and tension.

Oh. Did you think I was referring to the Supreme Court's decision of last Friday? Of course not! This is APBA. We've got more important things to worry about.

And in this case, it was the previous week in the National League in my 1950 baseball replay. I'm nearing completion; there's only about 90 games remaining to play in the season and it's a dogfight to the end. In the American League, it's pretty much decided that the Yankees will head to the World Series and represent their league. As of Sept. 18, 1950, they are 9.5 games ahead of Boston with only 10 games remaining.

But, oh, that National League.

Here's a look at the week:

Sept. 12, 1950
New York 79 58 -
Brooklyn 76 60 2.5
St. Louis 76 61 3
St. Louis 10 Philadelphia 7
The Cardinals score all 10 runs in the first inning on a plethora of singles and walks. In fact, St. Louis only had one double and no other larger base hits the entire game.
New York 15 Pittsburgh 5
Sal Maglie goes the distance for the Giants, winning his 19th, and Hank Thompson drives in 5 runs.
Cincinnati 3 Brooklyn 1
The anemic Dodgers scored only once on a home run by Jim Russell in the 8th. Preacher Roe drops his record to 12-12.

Sept. 13, 1950
New York 80 58 -
Brooklyn 77 60 2.5
St. Louis 77 61 3
St. Louis 9 Philadelphia 4
New York 7 Pittsburgh 2
Brooklyn 12 Cincinnati 2
Jim Russell hits his second home run in two days for the Dodgers and Duke Snider adds one as Brooklyn gets back on the winning track.

Sept. 14, 1950
New York 81 58 -
Brooklyn 78 60 2.5
St. Louis 77 61 3.5
New York 13 Pittsburgh 2
Hank Thompson hits three home runs in the game and drives in seven runs.
Brooklyn 6 Cincinnati 1

Sept. 15, 1950
New York 81 59 -
Brooklyn 78 61 2.5
St. Louis 78 61 2.5
St. Louis 4 Brooklyn 0
Chicago 4 New York 0

Sept. 16, 1950
New York 81 60 -
Brooklyn 79 61 1.5
St. Louis 78 62 2.5
Brooklyn 8 St. Louis 5
Chicago 8 New York 6
Andy Pafko hits a three-run home run off Giants reliever Dave Koslo in the ninth to win the game.

Sept. 17, 1950
New York 81 61 -
Brooklyn 80 61 .5
St. Louis 79 62 1.5
St. Louis 5 New York 1
Sal Maglie gives up only three hits to the Cardinals, but an error, three walks and two hits in the sixth gave the Redbirds all their runs. Howie Pollet wins, improving his record to 16-7.
Brooklyn 7 Chicago 6
After trailing 6-2 in the seventh inning, Brooklyn scores five runs, including a bases loaded-clearing triple by Carl Furillo. Don Newcombe gets the win and leads the National League with 22 wins.

Sept. 18, 1950
New York 82 61 -
Brooklyn 80 62 1.5
St. Louis 79 63 2.5
New York 3 St. Louis 1
Bobby Thomson hits a two-run home run in the second inning, and the Giants hang on.
Chicago 3 Brooklyn 2
Hank Sauer's two-run homer, his 41st of the season, is enough to defeat the Dodgers. Preacher Roe takes yet another heartbreaking loss.

Each team still has 11 or 12 games remaining to play in the season. The Boston Braves are lurking in fourth, 4.5 games behind. Pittsburgh, which led the National League early in the season, has fallen apart and, after winning only two of their last 11 games, is now 9.5 games out of first.

The Cardinals appear to have the easiest remaining schedule. They travel to Boston for three games and then to Chicago for three before returning home for three games against both Cincinnati and the Cubs.

The Giants host Cincinnati and then head to Boston for a two-game set before going to Ebbets Field for two against the Dodgers. They end the season at home, hosting Philadelphia and Boston.

The Dodgers host Pittsburgh for three games and then go to Philadelphia for two before the Giants head in for what could be a pivotal series. The Bums wrap the season up at home with three against the Braves and two against Philadelphia.

It looks like a close race to the end, and it has kept me far more interested than Supreme Court rulings, Confederate flag controversies and other mayhem the country seems to always manifest.

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