Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Game No. 1,000

After one year, one month and two weeks, I've reached game number 1,000 in my 1950 APBA baseball replay. It's one of those landmarks that lets the replayer recognize the progression of the season and that it's nearing an end. I have 232 more games to go before the season is completed.

The game came in the middle of games played for Aug. 29, 1950. When Johnny Wyrostek blooped a single in the bottom of the ninth to drive in Lloyd Merriman to give Cincinnati a 5-4 win over the Boston Braves, the 1,000th game was over.

As I head into the last month of games, it appears the New York Yankees will run away with the American League pennant. Eddie Lopat paces the Yankees with 19 wins on the mound and Joe DiMaggio is the league's home run leader with 36 so far.

The National League is a bit more undecided. The New York Giants took the lead a few weeks ago in the season and looked unstoppable. But two losses in Cincinnati and then one in Pittsburgh has tightened the race. The pesky, overachieving Boston Braves are still hanging on. In fact, five teams area within a good winning streak of making the National League an interesting race.

Here are the standings upon the completion of Game 1,000.

American League
                  W    L     GB
New York  88   37     -
Boston       78   47   10
Cleveland  75   53   14.5
Detroit       72   52   15.5
Washington 52 72   35.5
Phil'phia     48   78  40.5
St. Louis    46   78   41.5
Chicago     42   84   46.5

National League
                  W     L   GB
New York   73   53    -
Boston        69   56   3.5
St. Louis     68   56    4
Brooklyn    67   57    5
Pittsburgh   67   58   5.5
Phil'phia     60   68   14.5
Chicago      52   71   19.5
Cincinnati  43   80   28.5

Here are the leaders:
American League
Home runs: 36-J. DiMaggio, NYY; 33-Mize, NYY; 31-T. Williams, Bos; 29-Easter, Cle.
Wins: 20-2 Wynn, Cle; 19-3 Lopat, NYY; 19-4 Houtteman, Det; 15-3 Dobson, Bos.
Saves: 15-Calvert, Det; 13-Page, NYY; 12-Aloma, Chi; 9-Harris, Wsh.

National League
Home runs: 37- Kiner, Pit and Sauer, Chi; 32-Snider, Bro; 31- Ennis, Phl and Kluszewski, Cin.
Wins: 19-6 Newcombe, Bro; 17-8 Simmons, Phl and Chambers, Pit; 16-5 Maglie, NYG; 16-8 Spahn, Bos.
Saves; 20-Konstanty, Phl; 13-Hogue, Bos; 12-Brazle, StL and Hansen, NYG; 10-Leonard, Chi.

Barring some crazy mishap, the Yankees will make it to World Series in my replay of the 1950 season, just as they did in the real Series. The Whiz Kid Phillies, however, who faced the Yankees in the real Series that year, have been the replay's biggest disappointment. But five other teams vie for that slot, and with a little more than a month remaining in the replay, this could be one of the better pennant races I've seen in my years of replaying the games.

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