Monday, July 28, 2014

Excuses, Excuses

My excuses for not rolling the APBA games much lately are endless:

•I helped a friend move to a new town over the past few weeks and didn't have as much time for rolling games. 

•My blood pressure shot up recently. I ended up at the doctor and am waiting for test results to see what's going on. 

•I changed my hours at work a bit and that minor shift has kept me from playing game in the mornings.

•I also bought the APBA hockey game three weeks ago and have spent more of my free time tossing contests for the 2013-14 season replay I began.

But none of the excuses is good enough (actually, they are APBAthetic) and I find I'm missing the baseball game. So, I resolved to get back on track, resume the 1950 replay I'm doing and enjoy the game as it's meant to be.

I haven't compiled the stats lately for the season; I'm about 100 games behind, and that will take a while to tally those numbers. I've not written any season updates here, either. And the season does deserve to be noted. The National League is pretty tight after each team has played between 35-40 games. Only seven games separate league leader Pittsburgh from cellar dweller Chicago. And the fourth place team, the New York Giants, is only 4.5 games out of first. Parity rules in the 1950 NL replay.

There's a bit more range in the 1950 American League replay I'm doing. However, the top four teams — Detroit, New York, Boston and Cleveland are within 6 games of each other. The Philadelphia As have solidified last place, some 17.5 games out already, and may go down as the worst replay team I've ever seen.

So, there are good story lines with this replay, as there are always in any replay. And I've missed them.

No more excuses. I'm hitting the games more frequently and I'll post updates as I go along. This is a good game and there shouldn't be any excuses not to play it.


  1. hey Ken, did u buy the newest version of the hockey game to play your 13-14 season with, or was it just the set you bought? Erik in Sherwood,AR

  2. Erik, I just got the cards for the season and I'm using the older version of the game. I talked to John Herson when I bought the set and he said they were developing yet another newer hockey game. He said the newest version now is comparable to the master game of baseball.