Saturday, December 29, 2012

APBA New Year

It’s that time of year again where we look back on our successes and, in my case at least, realize that, alas, they weren’t all that good.

But the new year beckons and it’s a time for creating changes, for making improvements and for achieving new goals. At least for a few days it is.

I used to make all those standard New Year’s Resolutions that everyone does and then breaks because normal habits set back in. I’ve continually done the Lose Weight Resolution, but generally break it soon into the year in some feeding binge that includes Pepsis, ice cream, greasy potato chips and ashamed guilt.

That usually happens by the half time of the Rose Bowl game on Jan. 1, so, granted, it is a short-lived resolution.

I’ve also resolved to make more money each year, too. I try and freelance write for magazines, but after a litany of rejections from magazines I say a curse word that rhymes with the buck I’m trying to grab.

Being a better person, eating right, helping others are all formidable resolutions, but they go against my genetics. How can you change 52 years of experience merely by firmly declaring one day, “By golly, I’m going do it this time.”?

Yeah, those improvements ain’t goin’ happen in 2013.

So, instead, I am going to focus on more attainable platitudes. That’s not to say I’m making it easier. (I once went out with a girl and during that first-date fact-finding mission, she found out I set high goals in my writing at work and was often disappointed I didn’t reach them. “Why don’t you just lower your goals?” she asked, which rankled me. Immediately, popping into my head was “I did. I’m going out with you.” But, fortunately, I kept that opinion to myself. Note to myself: A good resolution is to think before speaking).

So, my resolutions for 2013 will involve mainly sports and the APBA game I play and write about here.

I resolve to learn more about sports in 2013. I can say, “Sure, Nebraska will be good in football next year.” But I need to know why. I need to back it up and I want to sound knowledgeable enough to be on Fox Sports Southwest. (Originally, I thought about ESPN, but maybe I am lowering my goals.).

I resolve to not hate the National Hockey League when it returns to play sometime in the next decade. I am one of only three Arkansans who love hockey, and the lockout has really hurt. I am sure I’ll act like some jilted high school girl grabbing back her on again, off again boyfriend when the season resumes.

I resolve to be more aware that there are more than the four major sports out there. I’ll try and watch tennis and bowling and that fighting thing in a cage a bit more. But I won’t accept soccer. I’d break that resolution to watch soccer sooner than I would break the Lose Weight Resolution.

And, I resolve to continue playing APBA at the pace I’m doing. I have several seasons yet to do and each take time. I’ll wrap up this 1981 baseball season I’m on sometime in April and then tackle 1942. Then there’s many more ahead.

So, APBA fans, enjoy the New Year and, if you make resolutions, put thought into them and make those that are both challenging and reachable. But, if you’re like me, those healthy ones will be busted by mid afternoon on Jan. 1.


  1. Kenneth..Great work, as always. Happy New Year to you and keep this blog going!!

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    I don't know if I've commented on this blog before, but I wanted to tell you that I really love it. I read it often and I'm always impressed by your craft as a writer and by your forthright voice as an author. I've enjoyed following your 1981 APBA replay immensely.

    I posted on my blog a list of what I considered my 10 favorite replays to follow in 2012, and yours is ranked #2, only behind Jeff Polman's amazing "Mysteryball '58".

    I look forward to following along the rest of your journey through the 1981 season.

    All the best,