Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Woe is Minnesota, 1981

August 2, 1981 CLEVELAND (AP) — The Minnesota Twins took a 6-0 advantage into the fourth inning against the Cleveland Indians, but bumbled its lead, losing 7-6 and extending its winless streak to 22 games.
Miguel Dilone hit a bases loaded triple to drive in the winning runs for the Indians. “Miguel Dilone?” asked Twins reliever Doug Corbett who gave up the hit and was saddled with the loss. “Who is Miguel Dilone?”
Minnesota still had a chance in the top of the ninth, but Indians’ reliever Sid Monge mowed down Minnesota like a yard boy with a new Briggs and Stratton engine. Danny Goodwin ended the game striking out.
Twins manager Billy Gardner did not attend a post game press conference and sources said team members had to talk Gardner off the ledge of the downtown Ritz-Carlton where the team was staying.
Minnesota will head to California where it will attempt to lose its 23rd game in a row and tie the 1961 Philadelphia Phillies for futility.”

See how serious the APBA game I am playing is getting? I’m actually writing news stories about fictitious games. But that’s the draw of this baseball replay game. During the several days between the Twins’ 21st loss and their 22nd loss, I found myself thinking about their upcoming game.

Will they win and end this horrible streak? Will they lose and draw out the pain even further? 

I’ve said this so many  times before. The game is a great diversion from the reality we face. We have an upcoming presidential election that, based on campaign advertisements, we’re doomed which ever way the outcome is. Holidays are looming, which is a bit depressing for me since I have no family at all. And because I am in the newspaper business, I chronicle mostly bad things that people do.

So, the game is a great distraction and a calming point for me. Even if I spend my time contemplating on how I may become the worst manager ever in APBA history.


  1. Keep the faith. That was a very bad team. If it kets too too bad I suggest you make a card for Kelly Hearn.

  2. Don't stop writing up game accounts; adds some flavor to the replay and reminds you that this is real baseball we're simulatin' here.

  3. Love the blog, BTW. Good stuff, often poignant.